Fourth Journey- Cedar Grove United Methodist Church

100_3521bestWe visited our fourth church this Mother’s Day morning. The church is called, Cedar Grove United Methodist Church. What a great place to worship. Being it Mother’s Day, I received a really nice pink pen with a stylus on the end. I love the color pink so this was a lovely surprise. We were also greeted by a few people coming in which was nice.

The service was lovely and there is a great deal of interaction between all members during the services. Lots of prayer time, lots of everyone being involved which makes for just a warm, open, and home type of feeling. During the service there was a children’s message. Open time for prayer requests and also a testimony time. I find that completely bonding and welcoming. I was rather impressed I have to say.

The message today was in regards to Mother’s Day. The message spoke from the Bible about the bond between Jesus and His mother, Mary. It was a message about when Jesus turned the water into wine, with the prompting of His mother. The pastor spoke on how Mary knew who her son was even before others realized. It was a wonderful sermon. It gave a glimpse into the bond that Jesus had with his mother and how that in turn led Him even closer to God, His Father.

The choir was nice and we enjoyed the music. There was also a greeting between everyone and we had lots of people come up and shake our hands and introduce themselves. Everyone said the Lord’s Prayer together towards the end of the service. It was a very nice place to visit and we all left feeling blessed.

Cedar Grove offers a lot of different things for the community and deals with several outreach programs. They are offering a children’s church, praise team, Bible study on Wednesdays. They are working with different organizations and are involved in supporting our troops. They also have a food pantry and come together for a community lunch I believe it is held monthly. They are also planting a community garden. They also have had in the past different days for community events. They also offer a child protection standards training and are involved in relay for life.

This has been a very nice visit and we will visit again in the future. If you are interested in finding out more about Cedar Grove United Methodist Church please see the links below! God bless and Happy Mother’s Day!



photo 1

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